Our Culture

We strive to live by faith, be the voice of hope and be known for the love we share

living by FAITH=Experience

Core Value #1: Depth

The more we know, the more we know

We live our lives intent on knowing God in a deeper way every day; in turn, it gives a proper perspective for what we are living.

Core Value #2: Joy

We have all we need 

When we focus on what we have instead of what we don’t; we experience joy.


Core Value #3: Authenticity

We have natural problems with supernatural solutions 

We are real, acknowledge and confess our problems, issues and limitations, and we find help from God.

Core Value #4: Excellence

We are invited to be a part of the great things that God is doing 

We are creative beings and have talents, God invites us to use those our creativity and talents as part of what He is doing.


Core Value #5: Warmth

God is here for us, and we are here for you 

We acknowledge God’s presence in our lives and seek to encounter Him, but also to spread that embrace to others.

Core Value #6: Giving

We are givers, not takers

We use our time, talents and resources to serve God and others without expecting anything in return.